FlexView API - Early Loading

When FlexView is the main visible component: Speed up the rendering of the FlexView API

The content rendered by the FlexView API is often the main content of the integrating html page. Users perceive the time until the FlexView API is finally rendered as the critical part. As many html pages load a lot of script libraries, style sheets, ads and large media files (images/video)...

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Asynchronous JavaScript Loading

Save bandwidth and speedup page rendering

The Outdooractive JavaScript API can be loaded completely asynchronously. There are several use cases and advantages: to save bandwidth: the API output/result is not visible on page load and will only appear after user interaction (e.g. tabs, scrolling, …) to speed up main content: if there is content that should...

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Best Practice: Synchronization (Data API)

Synchronize the content of your API project to your server.

The Outdoractive Data API is often used to synchronize the content of an Outdooractive API project to another system. Initially all the content of a project is just copied. All updates to the content have to be loaded periodically (e.g. daily) to keep the content up to date. The challenge...

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