JavaScript API - Debug tools

Firebug Lite now available through Outdooractive JavaScript API

Background: in some situations, it is difficult, if not impossible, to have interactive debug tools from within the browser, especially on some mobile devices.

We thus wanted to make Firebug Lite available to all OAM/OAX developers (including ourselves!). Firebug Lite is a piece of JavaScript that emulates the Firebug debugging tools in any browser.

Here is the new feature: On any OAX or OAM website, it is now possible to activate Firebug Lite by appending ?_fire=lite to the URL.


Fire Lite in action

You can then use the Firebug Lite tools to watch errors, inspect the DOM, or interact through the console at the bottom.

Advice: If you want to type into the Firebug lite console, you may want to deactivate the auto-correct and auto-capitalize typing functions in the preferences of your device. To make sure the deactivation took effect, on some devices a reboot is necessary (e.g. Samsung Nexus 10).

Guillaume Lathoud