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Open outside FlexView (page load) (FlexView-API)

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The FlexView API overview shows the content of a project on a map, a list or as gallery. Set the configuration parameter actionOpenType to "page-load" and use the callback openOOIUrl() to open an arbitrary url as soon as a user selects a content object.

var conf = {
    "frontendtype": "tour",

    "whereType": "outdooractive", 
    "whatType": "simple",

    // behaviour when a detail view is opened
    "actionOpenType": "page-load", 

    "openOOIUrl" : function(data) {

	return "FlexView.DetailPage.html?id=" +;


    // initial map center
    "center": [

    // initial map zoom
    "zoom": 10,

    // Write FlexView and map state to url hash (or not)
    "withUrlHash": false


var fvp = oa.api.flexviewpage( conf );