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Near by Search (Map-API)

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Request a list of tour ids inside a radius around a location with help of the method oa.api.requestIds().

<ul id="tourList">
// nearBy search: location (center; lat/lng), radius (meters)
var request = {
    searchNearby : {
        location : {
        radius : 10000 }

// send request to Outdooractive Platform
oa.api.requestIds( request, callback );

// ids request callback
function callback( answer ) {

    // check wether the request was successfull
    if (answer.success) {

        // grab ids from answer object
        var ids =;

        // find document element of unordered list
        var tourList = document.getElementById("tourList");

        // loop through the first 10 nearest tours found
	for(var i=0; i<ids.length && i<10; i++) {

	    // create a new list item for each loaded tour
            li = document.createElement("li");

	    // just write the tour id to the list
	    // use the Objects API to load tour data if needed
	    li.innerHTML = ids[i]

	    // append list item to unordered list