The Outdooractive Platform hosts content for the international outdoor and tourism market: tours, POIs (points of interest), tourism regions, communes, ski resorts, events, offers and much more.

It is used by more than 800 tourism destinations and service providers in Central Europe.

Our partners implement our interfaces to add content into the platform and they use the API to publish the content with their own apps and websites.

Outdooractive - Plan your tours. Publish once, share everywhere.

Share your content everywhere with the Outdooractive Content Marketing Network.

Visit our Outdooractive Portal to see it in action or have a look at our corporate website to read more about our company and products.

Creators of touristical content are:

  • clients using the CMS to create tours and POIs,

  • end-users using the community tourplanner, uploading pictures, writing comments etc.

Once in the common database, touristical content appears and can be used everywhere. explains how clients can create custom websites and mobile apps using our Maps and APIs.

Explanations below detail the backend side of things.


Content types

An Object belongs to a content type. Content types are tours, POIs (points of interest), Huts, Images, etc.

Our APIs depend on content types in many contexts: e.g. FlexView API WebApps, Data API endpoints, ..

A content type defines the geometry type:

  • Point objects (POIs, Huts, Lodings, Conditions): POINT
  • etc.

All objects with a georeferenced geometry (location) are called OOI (object of interest).


The objects of a content type belong to a category (Tour categories are called “activities”).


A content object has an identifier (64Bit Integer Id).


Every object is in one of 7 states like “new”, “published”, “deleted”, etc. Only “published” objects are visible through the Outdooractive API inside your API project.

The state “published” means that an object is published on any of the Outdooractive Channels like portals and Apps.


A User Group is the owner of an Object.

Top-label and ranking

The quality of an object is measured as rank value.

Comments and rating

The Outdooractive Community comments and rates the content. This user generated content is accessible through the Outdooractive Data API.

Outdooractive Tags

The Outdooractive Platform offers a fix set of tags to describe objects. The set of available tags depends on the category or content type of an object. E.g. the tag “loop tour” is only available to objects of the content type tour.

The Outdooractive Tags are multilingual.

Content relations

A lot of relations exist between the objects of the Outdooractive Platform. Every tour or POI has content relations to the geografic regions it is placed in (countr, tourism region, etc.). Geografic relations are computed automatically based on the OOI’s geometry.

Objects of the content type image have content relations to tours and POIs. The same image may appear in the image gallery of several content objects.

Outdooractive API Projects

You need an API project to use the Outdooractive API. The project key identifies your project. An API key grants API access to an project for a certain domain.

An Outdooractive API Project has a content container.

This container is filled with tours, POIs, events, etc. by our professional services team.

Use this API endpoint to lists the Outdooractive Ids of all tours inside container of the project with key “api-dev-oa”: